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15. Troubleshooting

A quick checklist

  1. Install LiveSYNC app for your director device (iPad) and all client devices
  2. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on all devices
  3. On your iPad, set up a new presentation channel as Director and take note the 4-digit channel number that is given to you.
  4. On your client devices, set up the presentation channel as Audience and make sure to use the 4-digit channel number you got in previous step.
  5. On your iPad, select your presentation channel ("Control") to go to Director mode, you'll enter the Mosaic view first.
  6. On your client devices, select the presentation channel ("Join) to go to Audience mode, you'll enter the waiting room first.
  7. Shortly, the devices should connect automatically ie. the clients should appear on Director's Mosaic view, and clients should notify that presentation begins soon.
  8. Once connected, on your iPad move to Player view and drag one of the default contents to Presentation view (PowerPark or Olos), it should play on all connected devices.


Notice that when you use your own content, you need to copy it to Director devices AND all Audience devices before you can present them.

Having connection issue?

In case you have connection issues try these quick fixes in order:

  1. Double check that Bluetooth is enabled and you are not in Airplane mode.
  2. Turn Bluetooth off and back on shortly after, especially on the iPad.
  3. Check that your device supports Bluetooth 4.0 (should not be possible to install from store if it doesn't).

Own content is not working

If your own content files do not work:

  • Make sure to use .mp4 format videos, .jpg format photos, and .png format hotspot images.

  • If some of your devices do not support 4K video (3840x1920), you can copy there a lower quality variant (1920x960). Photos will be automatically scaled to device's maximum size.

  • On iOS devices, make sure to use stereo audio - not multi-channel If your audience devices do not connect.

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on all devices.

  • In temporary connection problems, first disable and re-enable bluetooth on the director device, then (if necessary) on the client device.