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Quick start: Presentation


In a LiveSYNC-enabled presentation, the person giving the presentation has a control device and the audience members each have a viewer device. Hence, to give a presentation using the LiveSYNC tool you will need:

  • 1 device for controlling the presentation (LiveSYNC tool in Director Mode)

  • 1-n devices for viewing the presentation (LiveSYNC tool in Audience Mode)

Director Mode

The Director Mode is currently available for iOS and Android. Thus, you can use either a phone or a tablet for controlling a presentation.


We highly recommend using a tablet for the Director Mode because of its larger screen.

Audience Mode

The Audience Mode is currently available for iOS, Android, GearVR, and Oculus Go. Thus, you can view a presentation either from a phone screen, a tablet screen, or via a phone based or standalone VR headset.


VR mode is available also for iOS and Android phones. A Google Cardboard or a compatible VR headset can be used, but user experience is much superior with a high quality headset and dedicated app version (GearVR, Oculus Go).


Communication between the control device and the viewer devices is wireless. You can choose from available options during channel configuration.

Make sure that the necessary radio technology is enabled on all devices. Depending on your selection this can be for example Bluetooth, Wifi or mobile data.


During a presentation the devices will consume a lot of power. Power consumption is related to active radios (communication), photo and video decoding, continuous screen updates, display brightness, and disabled power saving (sleep).

We recommend that you recharge the batteries of all devices before a presentation. If you use VR headsets with hand remotes, check the batteries inside the remotes. If you plan to run a presentation repeatedly, you probably need spare devices that are being recharged while others are in use.

Big screen

In addition to personal viewing devices you can use a big screen. This can be for example a large TV screen or a projector.

We recommend a wired connection between the control device and the big screen. For example, an iPad can be connected to a TV using an HDMI cable via a separately sold adapter.

Speakers or headphones

Many presentations use sound. You must decide whether you want to use room audio (audience devices muted) or viewer device audio. In the latter case, headphones are highly recommended.


If your presentation takes more than a few minutes, the audience probably wants to sit. In order to allow comfortable 360-degree photo/video exploration, swivel chairs with enough spacing between them are recommended.