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The LiveSYNC User Guide is the official manual for the LiveSYNC software application. It explains what you can do with the LiveSYNC application and how to work with it in different situations.

The first few chapters focus on presenting monoscopic 360-degree photos and videos to an audience. The rest of the guide is devoted to more advanced use cases and other content types.

You will learn that LiveSYNC is a very versatile tool.


The user guide does not describe a particular release or distribution of the LiveSYNC app but rather pertains to all recent versions of it. It is frequently updated when new features are released and different use cases covered.


The user guide is hosted on a website called LiveSYNC Learning Center. The website contains also other forms of product documentation, such as quick start guides, tutorials, and articles. You will notice some overlap between the user guide and other documentation. The user guide is the most comprehensive.


The user guide is designed for a wide range of readers. It does not require extensive experience in content production, although some experience using a 360-degree camera is helpful. It is appropriate for the following readers:

  • Students occasionally using 360-degree content in their course work

  • Basic users who simply need to present content in trade shows etc.

  • Power users and executives who frequently give speeches or sales pitches

  • 360-degree video professionals who need to create standalone setups

  • Industrial users who focus on annotating and reporting

  • All users of the 360 Video Starter Kit product


This user guide is organized for ease of use in different situations. For example, you can read it from cover to cover to learn the LiveSYNC app from the ground up. Alternatively, once you are comfortable using the app, you can use this guide as a reference: Look up a topic of interest in the table of contents or index and read about it. Or, use the search feature on this site to find sections that mention a specific keyword.


The Downloads section on this site contains downloadable resources. You will find various example images and videos that you can use while practicing. There are also tag icon libraries that you can freely use in your presentations, example configuration files for customizing the user interface, etc.


This user guide and the LiveSYNC app are much better products because of our beta testers. A big "Thank You" to all of you! Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us.


This document is written and maintained by

  • Tapani Rantakokko, CTO of Finwe
  • Tewodros Mengesha, LiveSYNC support specialist at Finwe


If you find typos, factual errors, deprecated instructions, or wish to suggest additions to the manual, please contact us via the Support page.