Video encoding

Video encoding or video transcoding is a process of converting a given video input into a digital format that is compatible with most types of web players and mobile devices.

On this article, we will introduce you to an open source video transcoder tool called HandBrake. HandBrake is a multi-Platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.

Please follow the following steps to encode your video files.

  1. Go to and press Download HandBrake Handbrake
  2. Install and launch the downloaded app
  3. Got to File -> Open Source -> choose the video you want to encode or tap Handbrake button to choose the video.
  4. From the tabs select Dimensions Dimensions Tab

    • Select resolution from Storage Size (Make sure the values on Storage Size are the same as Display Size)
    • Anamorpic: Always keep it off
    • Cropping: Make sure all values are 0 (choose custom and manually edit the values to 0 if needed)

    Settings on Dimensions Tab

  5. From the tabs select Video

Video Tab

  • Video Encoder: H.264 (x264) is what supported by most iPads
  • Framerate (FPS): 30

    Settings on Video Tab

  • Press Start to start encoding the video.

Start encoding